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You’ll Never Expect What Happens At The End Of These 15 Short Clips

Director M. Evening Shyamalan became very well-known (and rich) because he used a classic storytelling approach in all of his films: the twist ending. Twist endings are an integral plot device that can make a film go from the crowd that is extremely great by completely surprising to an immediate classic.

As it happens, it”s not only movie directors who can use this apparatus; now anybody can put it to use. These real existence clips are not very long, but they use twist endings that are astounding to leave you breathtaking.

1. That arrived outta -bear!

That came outta no-bear!

2. Guy vs. Engineering.

Man vs. Technology.

3. Sorry to disappoint, fellas.

Sorry to disappoint, fellas.

4. “They see me roll in”, they hatin”.”

"They see me rollin

5. What a design that is reasonable!

What a realistic model!

6. The hits again!

The Hamburglar strikes again!

7. That has been a graceful restoration.

That was a graceful recovery.



9. That took place simple.

That went down easy.

10. This cat will know never to interrupt another dancing routine.

This cat will know to never interrupt another dance routine.

11. Gooooaaallll!!! FACE!!!!

Gooooaaallll!!! FACE!!!!

12. Got the best seat in the home.

Got the best seat in the house.

13. A science experiment gone incorrect.

A science experiment gone wrong.

14. That”s seven years of bad luck there.


15. This puppy tricked us all.

This dog fooled us all.

(via wehavenotopic)

Stunning, right? Life occasionally throws a twist ending at us that wants no script. The truth is, I believe we want more twist endings in existence, therefore I”m heading to tell you that I, the author of the post, have been A PHANTOM ALL THIS TIME!!!