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The Most Profound Things Ever Written In Bathroom Stalls

If you”ve actually experienced a toilet facility, you”ve likely seen some toilet graffiti. It”s generally nonsensical, not really amusing, and grossly sexual. But other instances, you come across small nuggets of knowledge while losing trou.

I worded that sentence as finely as I could.

1. Curse you

Damn you, Scotty!

2. The most intriguing pooper on the planet.

The most interesting pooper in the world.

3. Mathematics in the

Math in the potty!

4. I believe I ‘ll!

I think I will!

5. Wisdom.


6. I didn”t understand he stated that!

I didn

7. Head. Blown.

Mind. Blown.

8. Poor Matt.

Poor Matt.

9. It”s not incorrect… I think.


10. Dan only got owned.

Dan just got owned.

11. How reduced can they go?

How low can they go?

12. Poetry to your own ears.

Poetry to your ears.

13. Shakespeare would not be humble.

Shakespeare would be proud.

14. Jokes!


15. they’re reducing prices.

They are cutting down costs.

16. Poetry!

More poetry!

17. Who knew there were so many poop poets?

Who knew there were so many poop poets?

18. That”s artwork.


19. Great beginning.

Good start.

20. Hey now…

Hey now...

21. This took lots of time to compose!

This took a lot of time to write!

22. I don”t feel confident with this.

I don

23. This offer won”t last forever!

This deal won

24. “Use the Pressure, you should.” – Yoda


25. Not Comic Sans. Never Sans.

Not Comic Sans. Never Comic Sans.

26. The part that is binding.

The binding element.

27. Gross.


28. Round and round it goes…

Round and round it goes...

29. That”s quite primitive.


30. Perhaps he”s bad at drawing?

Maybe he

(via distractify)

I”m heading to shop around more restrooms for inspirational quotations like these. Who understands? Perhaps my life will alter! I”m sure some one”s lifestyle was altered by toilet booth wisdom.

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